Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ma, I'm Gettin Meself a New Mammy by Martha Long, 336 pages

These are the saddest books ever, but I love Martha's determination.

The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson (448 pages)

I finally finished this series by Rae Carson. It is one of the best audiobooks I have ever listened to. I will not say anything else, because it should be read/listened to by everyone and I don't want to spoil anything! Plus, I know I'm not the first to listen to it.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins, 338 pages

I have been reading a bunch of downers lately so I was craving a little bit of fluff. I had read a year or two ago, Stephanie Perkins' debut novel Anna and the French Kiss, off of a staff members' suggestion. I really liked Anna and I really loved Lola. The way Stephanie Perkins writes is exactly the right amount of unrealistic romantic touches and real world cynicism. Her characters are very loveable and relatable and are always getting into very awkward conversations and situations where you say to yourself, "Been there!"

I would give you the synopsis of the book but it is pretty self explanatory from the cover and title, which I love. Adorable high-school girl with funky fashion-sense who chooses to differentiate herself from her fellow school mate clones is reunited with past and now again current neighbor boy with whom she shares a rocky but emotionally charged past.  She has to sort through these feelings while also navigating her relationship with her current much older rocker boyfriend, and very loveable and concerned same-sex parents in a lovely San Francisco neighborhood. It was compelling, but completely uncomplicated fun. If this is your thing, pick it up :)

Of Witches and Wind by Shelby Bach, 386 pages

I will read pretty much anything that is fairytale based. It's always nice when it's a well-written juvenile fiction book like this series is.

SVU Home for Christmas by Laurie John, 249 pages

You can tell this is a slightly more adult Sweet Valley since they use shinola and the b word.

The Shadow Throne by Jennifer Nielsen, 317 pages

This was the final book in the False Prince trilogy. I got hooked on these books when my youngest daughter read the first one and came to me exclaiming, "You HAVE to read this book. I need someone to talk about it with!!" Poor Jaron has been through so much, and each book has kept me on the edge of my seat. You don't say that with many juvenile books but this was an outstanding series.

SVU Good-bye to Love by Laurie John, 231 pages

I'm back to working my way through the Sweet Valley University. I will finish this series before the end of the year.