Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reasons to participate

Well, I know you all are excited and raring to go, but in case anybody isn't excited, here's some reasons why this will be a blast.
First off, this will be a great way to improve reader's advisory skills. We all know what we like and don't like but this will help hone your skills of saying why.
We will now know who our "specialists" in certain genres are. If we know that somebody reads a ton of paranormal fiction, they would be good at recommending some for a patron. Also, seeing that Blair reads a ton of true crime books might make you rethink that mess you're making or that Jason reads a ton of tawdry romances puts him in a new light (the above statement is total fiction and shouldn't be taken as fact or used against the author in any way, lol.)
This will make displays and staff picks a ton easier. You want to make my job easier, don't you, don't you?!?
Competition makes everything better. The chance to dominate your co-workers, free of charge.
Prizes. Patty cookies, need I say more.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Welcome to our Blog

This blog has been created for the Joplin Public Library to compete in the Missouri Book Challenge starting January 1, 2011. You will earn points for each book read. To get credit for reading a book you must post an entry about your book. It must include your name, the title, author, # of pages, and a short entry. We will have different categories to earn bonus points, such as reading books from the ALA reading lists, Newberry Award winners, and random subjects to be listed at my discretion ;-). You can earn additional points by completing challenges or other goals that will appear throughout the year. This is so much more than a race...your participation makes you eligible for drawings throughout the year. Let's show those other libraries what makes the staff at JPL so great!!!