Sunday, October 22, 2017

If It Moves, Kiss It! by Joni Moura and Jackie Sutherland, 254 pages

Those of you who liked the unihibited memoirs of those two Air Force nurses who starred in "Tender Loving Care" are in for a treat with their new book of revelations. Once again Joni Moura and Jackie Sutherland lay bare in these adventures some of the hottest secrets of the military, not the least of them being that one of the Air Force nurses is a (gasp) virgin. Yes, a real-honest-to-goodness, aching virgin who spends most of her tour trying to give away this precious G.T. (Golden Treasure) to the nearest airman...or civilian if need be. And need was.
This kind of thing is only a small sample of the earthshaking drama that rocks the Air Force as Joni and Jackie take on all comers in "If It Moves, Kiss It!"
I'm a sucker for these campy books, so I was excited to come across this at a garage sale.

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