Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Sister Queens by Sophie Perinot, 503 pages

Marguerite must leave her family and home at the Court of Provence to marry Louis IX, becoming Queen of France. As the oldest, she has been trained to be patient, quiet, demure, and to be a good wife and queen. Her sister Eleanor hasn't always taken to the same training, striving to surpass her older sister. When married to Henry III, King of England, she hopes to achieve her goals. But while Henry loves Eleanor and is a good man, he is often times a failure as a king. Marguerite's husband, Louis, is considered a good king, but often times puts his overwhelming passion for God before his duties as husband and king. Will these two sisters find happiness in not only their marriages, but also their relationship as sisters?
I am always a fan of historical fiction, but had never read anything about these sisters or even really this time period. Sophie Perinot has done a wonderful job of bringing to life this tumultuous time, and making these characters dynamic and engaging. Fans of Philippa Gregory and Carolly Erickson will want to add this author to their collection. I can't wait to see who or when she covers next.

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