Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The New Deadwardians by Dan Abnett & I.N.J. Culbard, 176 pages

This graphic novel explores England after the death of Prince Consort Albert, when zombies rose and rolled over the country in a wave of death. To combat the tide, scientists came up with the ability to turn humans into vampires, making them basically invisible to zombies. It has been reserved generally for the upper class, leaving the common man to toil away, facing death from zombies and bites from those vampires who can't or won't control their urges. Because of the changes in society, there remains only one murder detective at Scotland Yard, George Suttle, and he is called in to investigate the death of a fellow vampire, who has died under mysterious circumstances. Suttle soon finds himself ensconced in a deeper mystery than he ever expected, one that may have ramifications far beyond a simple murder.
This was an interesting take on vampires and zombies, combining the two with the Anglophile mania sweeping the US at the moment. The artwork and storyline were really intriguing, and I will be looking for the next book.

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