Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Laduree Chocolate by Vincent Lemains & Julien Christophe, 344 pages

The universe of chocolate is a world shaped by a thousand secrets, by perseverance and by know-how founded on passion (Les Marquis de Laduree).
Ladurée continues its quest for the ultimate indulgence with Les Marquis de Ladurée, opening a magical portal to a dreamlike world, where dainty meets delicious, a universe exclusively dedicated to chocolate.
In this book, chocolate lovers will discover its many varieties and virtues, but also its history, its process of fabrication, the art of enjoying chocolate, as well as famous chocolate connoisseurs of the past and present. And since you could hardly be expected to read about chocolate without treating yourself to a taste, Ladurée proposes a selection of recipes for chocolate bonbons and other pastries that you can make at home...
This was a beautiful coffee table type book that covers the history of chocolate and then has fancy chocolate recipes in the last half. I picked this up as a present for my oldest but had to read it myself. I really want to go to Paris and try this chocolate shop.

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