Thursday, March 16, 2017

Recipes For Love and Murder by Sally Andrew, 419 pages

Annie Maria ("tannie" meaning auntie, the respectful Afrikaans address for a woman older than you) is a middle-aged widow who likes to cook-and eat. She shares her culinary love through her work as a recipe columnist for the local paper, until the Gazette decides its readers are hungrier for advice on matters of the heart than for lunch and dinner ideas.
Tannie Maria doesn't like the change but soon discovers she has a knack-and a passion-for helping people. Of course, a recipe is always part of the remedy she offers. Assisting other people with their problems, Tannie Maria is eventually forced to face her own issues, especially when the troubles of those she helps touch on the pain of her past-like a woman who contacts her, desperate to escape her abusive husband.
When the woman is murdered, Tannie Maria becomes dangerously entwined in the investigation, despite the best efforts of the handsome detective named Kannemyer, who is determined to keep her safe. Suddenly, this practical, down-to-earth woman is involved in something mush more sinister than perfecting her chocolate cake recipe....

This was a fantastic read! I can't believe it's the author's first fiction novel. A line from the first chapter just blew me away. "God, faith, love went out the window in my years with Fanie. I've left the windows open since then, but they haven't come back in."

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