Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Alexander and Alestria by Shan Sa, 245 pages

A brilliant yet ruthless savage conqueror and poet exhilarated by the world's wonders, Alexander first meets Alestria on the battlefield-shocked to discover his adversary is female and mesmerized by her fierce, dazzling loveliness. At last, the legendary king has found his equal in this indomitable Amazon queen who has been taught since childhood to abhor men and repel all invaders. Alestria, in turn, cannot resist Alexander's strength and beauty, and they unite in deeply passionate, intensely problematic love-pursuing a remarkable destiny against a vast backdrop of warfare and political turmoil that stretches from Greece to Egypt, and across Persia, deep into the mysterious kingdom of India.
Acclaimed author Shan Sa brings Alexander the Great to richly imagined new life, entwining his historical legacy with an fantastic love affair set in a time of war between Western and Eastern civilizations.
I was excited about this book when I saw it reviewed elsewhere, so I did a suggestion for purchase through the library. Sadly, this was not a great read, in fact, I only finished it because I had suggested the library purchase it. It was disjointed, not even close to accurate and just wasn't enjoyable.

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