Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Aunt Dimity & the Widow's Curse by Nancy Atherton, 227 pages

It's early April in the small English village of Finch, and everyone at the village committee meeting is surprised when the elderly, soft-spoken widow Mrs. Annabelle Craven stands to make an announcement: she's decided to hold a quilting bee in the old schoolhouse. At the quilting bee, Lori ends up seated besides Mrs. Craven, delighted at the opportunity to learn more about her neighbor's life in the nearby village of Old Cowerton. But during their conversation, dear, sweet Mrs. Craven reveals matter-of-factly that her first husban was a horrid man who deserved to die...so she killed him.

Lori is taken aback: Should she report the crime to the authorities-and see Mrs. Craven hauled off to jail? Could there really be a murderer in their midst, or is Mrs. Craven suffering from some strange delusion? With Aunt Dimity's advice, Lori sets out with Bree Pym to Old Cowerton to uncover the truth. It's there they learn about what the villagers refer to as the "widow's curse"-and the deeper Lori digs, the more horrifying the tale becomes, until she discovers the most astounding revelation of all.
I always like these mysteries, they're light and fun reads. The only drawback is how jealous I am of Lori's life.

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