Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The New Jessica by Kate William, 136 pages

Jessica Wakefield is sick and tired of being an independent twin. Her parents make jokes about it, and recently people at school have been mistaking her for her sister, Elizabeth. So Jessica's determined to make sure no one mixes up her and her twin ever again; she's going to create a new Jessica! She gets a complete makeover and dyes her hair black. Then she starts to wear outrageous clothes and read European magazines. Soon everyone at Sweet Valley High is talking about the new, sophisticated Jessica Wakefield. But one person isn't thrilled with Jessica's transformation. Elizabeth feels as though she's lost her twin sister forever. Is the old Jessica gone for good?
This is one of my favorite books in the series. I remember thinking when I read it for the first time in middle school how I completely wanted to change my personae. I even convinced my mom to let me dye my hair raven black and perm it. NOT A GOOD LOOK! Probably not the smartest thing to base your life choices on Sweet Valley High, lol.

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