Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Summer Garden by Paullina Simons, 742 pages

Tatiana and Alexander have made it to America, but can they overcome the scars of the past to have any chance for a future together. With the ghosts of the War Department and Russia hanging over Alexander's head, Tatiana keeps the family on the move, hoping that if they never find Alexander, no one can take him from her. But Alexander's scars, both mental and physical, threaten not only their peace of mind, but the intimacy of the marriage bed. Anthony, their son, conceived in a cold Russia out of the hotness of their love, born in America, also has issues of abandonment and constant nightmares. Covering decades, continents, wartime and peace, Tatiana and Alexander continue to love, fight, and struggle to survive.

This epic novel is the final in a trilogy by Paullina Simons. With all of the emotional pathos that Russian literature is known for, the author has created a book that moves seamlessly between different times in Russia and America, with all of the drama and intrigue that lead up to the Cold War. Tatiana and Alexander's love is one that refused to die despite all odds and obstacles, creating a series that will stand alongside "Roots" and "North & the South" as sweeping sagas.

Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of Russian pathos, and sappy, love stories where people are never happy. I didn't enjoy the first book that much, so of course I got sent all three books in the series to review. This is the series that refused to die.

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