Monday, July 4, 2011

Spring Fever by Kate William, 233 pages

The Wakefield twins never expected that the sleepy town of Walkersville, Kansas, would be twice as exciting as their own hometown. But when Jessica and Elizabeth spend spring break at their great aunt and uncle's house in the country, they discover that small town life can have its share of big adventures. At first, things don't look so promising. Instead of a warm welcome, the local girls give them the cold shoulder. And Aunt Shirley and Uncle Herman won't let the twins out of their sight. But things brighten up when the girls meet gorgeous identical twins at a local carnival, Alex and Brad Parker. Jessica thinks Brad might be the man of her dreams, but how can she get to know him better when she's being so closely watched by her aunt and uncle? Then trouble really begins to brew when Elizabeth makes an unexpected discovery about the Parker twins...

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