Friday, August 5, 2011

The Devil Amongst the Lawers by Sharyn McCrumb, 320 pages

Erma Morton is on trial for killing her father in a tiny Virgina town and because of she is young, beautiful, and college educated, it becomes a nation-wide sensation. Journalists from New York arrive, each with their own already decided upon interpretation of the story. Carl Jennings though is a young local reporter, hoping to parlay this story into a career. But will his determination to tell the truth ruin his chances?
"The Devil Amongst the Lawyers" was yet another reminder of why I enjoy all of Sharyn McCrumb's books. With a fine ear for dialect, an eye for intriguing and interesting characters and a deft hand at weaving history with fiction, she creates books that grab the reader each and every time. With multiple storylines, backstories galore and a little bit of mountain esp and ghosts, she has a story that is sure to delight.

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