Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sentenced to Death by Lorna Barrett, 340 pages

I have read all of Lorna Barrett's Booktown Mysteries and really enjoy them. One of my dreams is owning an used book store, the only problem would be not letting people buy books that I haven't read yet!
Tricia owns the store Haven't Got a Clue, a mystery bookstore, and has a tendency to stumble across dead bodies. This time, the death is a plane crash right in front of her that kills one of her closest friends in Stoneham. Tricia immediately becomes suspicious of the not-grieving husband and starts looking into the accident. Of course, not everything is as perfect as it seems in this storybook town.
I definitely recommend reading this series in order, to better appreciate the back stories, and character development, but this series is well worth picking up.

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