Sunday, August 14, 2011

Four Eyes-Forged in Flames by Joe Kelly, Max Fiumara & Nestor Pereyra, 110 pages

Chris/Jake recommended this graphic novel to me so I gave it a try. Enrico is just a young boy when his father dies collecting a dragon's egg. It is the Depression-era, and dragons exist. There is a huge underground for betting on dragon fights and to get the dragons, special hunters must collect the eggs, with high fatalities. Enrico and his mother are barely eking out an existence when Enrico decides that he hates dragons for killing his father, he wants to see them die, and what better way than collecting the eggs for the fights.
This is a very dark book, but with a great storyline and amazing artwork. I will have to pick up the second volume and see what happens to Enrico next.

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