Friday, August 5, 2011

Those Across the River by Christopher Buehlman, 357 pages

Frank Nichols has inherited a house in Whitbrow, a tiny town in Georgia. With his academic life in shambles after falling in love with a fellow professor's wife, he and said professor's former wife, Eudora, decide to move to Whitbrow for Frank to write a history about one his family's scandalous and evil ancestors. But it doesn't take long for Frank to realize that not everything is as peaceful as it seems. The old plantation of his ancestor is across the river in the woods, dark woods that threaten Frank and the town he lives in. Woods that contain a presence, a presence hungry for flesh. But whose flesh and blood will satisfy it?
"Those Across the River" by Christopher Buehlman is dark, and creepy, a novel that is filled with a growing sense of dread. I could feel the music from Jaws or Halloween playing in the background during chapters of this book, lending itself to the growing uneasiness of the novel. Even when the evil was revealed, it still continued to deepen the terror level. A great cross between Stephen King and Dean Koontz, a must read for horror fiction fans.

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